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Using the new Teamwork Projects SDK

Recently, a new version of the Teamwork .Net SDK was released and I’d like to give you a few examples on how this can be used to make development for Teamwork Projects a lot easier when working with .Net. To begin with, we need to add the library. As its currently still listed as pre-release in nuget we need

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Things any company can learn from Apex Legends.

In case you are not into gaming or didn’t hear of it, let me quickly summarize what's that all about. On 4th February 2019, EA Games announced a new Battle Royale style game called Apex Legends made by Respawn Entertainment, an EA Studio. They not only “announced” it but also released it the same day

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Write code in JSON instead of serialization!

Working with API's is all about JSON these days. Like all these SAAS products, big platforms like Microsoft or Google, all speak Rest and JSON. However, when working with API's you can find a lot of code in C# or GO or PHP or whatever else that is really odd when you think of it.

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