Enhance your Office Development

Office Developer Sandbox is similiar to JSFiddle for Web-Browsers and can help you to reduce development Time for Office Add-Ins. You can Edit, Run and Develop your JS Code directly within Excel, Word or Powerpoint.

Using the App

The App allows you to edit HTML, CSS and JS code directly within your Office Application at runtime. No reinitialization of your add-in is needed. Just write your JavaScript code, test it and save it for later use or export it to save it as a .js file for your add-in itself. Using the app is really straight forward:

(Example Sourcecode is for Word 2016 but you should be able to use Excel 2013 or newer, Word 2013 or newer and Powerpoint 2013 or newer both local or browser versions.)

Switch to HTML mode and add at least one button to your HTML code:
Office Developer Sandbox Overview
Now add JavaScript code for the button and always remember to wrap your initialization code within $(document).ready().

Once added to the JavaScript Tab, it should look similar to the below:
Finally, press „Run“ and use your code without any reloading or restarting.
Points of Interest

While writing the code for the add-in, I learned a lot about how JavaScript performs inside Office.
You can even take complete parts of C# vsto code and put it into JavaScript. Chances are high that your code is working.

You can get the Add-In here: