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We´re always and any time improving our products. Here are some short infos on what were working on and what you can expect in future. If you want us to implement any feature for you..don´t hesitate to ask!

Roadmap for Outlook

  • Use a different Calendar for Tasks and Projects
  • Use any outlook calendar, even shared ones
  • Work with multiple Teamwork Domains
  • Adding Tasks to Outlook Tasks
  • …much more

Roadmap for Google Sync

  • Use a different Calendar for Tasks and Projects
  • Improved performance
  • Sync multiple teamwork domains into one calendar
  • Use Google Docs for Project and Task Management

Future Products

  • Teamwork Essentials: Excel
    Dezember 2015
    Syncronize Teamwork Projects and Tasks with Excel
  • Teamwork Essentials: MS Project
    Work with MS Project on your Teamwork Projects
    Full Offline Client for Teamwork PM
    Available 2016

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