Wilkommen, Welcome, Salut, and so on….

Things to know about me

Hey and welcome, I’m first hand a software developer from Bochum in Germany,  working on various products both front and backend with too many technologies to name them all.
Lots of experience with everything Microsoft or Google or the alike have to offer.
Currently leading a  nice multinational team of developers working on integrating the world with Teamwork.com ’s products.

I’m also highly interested in tech pieces of all kind, modern stuff, litle bit into gaming.
My main focus is trying to build software to make people’s life or job easier, more fun and plain better. Trying to build things that have an impact.

Also always thinking about making things better, questioning things and plain having an eye on what could be done to make the world a better place.

Articles I publish about random stuff are all german, all my guides and tech articles are in english.

„Creating software to make people’s life easier and more fun is the best thing i could ever start..“

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Change your Game with Adaptive Cards

Why templating for Adaptive Cards is a game-changer….

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