Teamwork Projects Essentials: Outlook

With Teamwork Projects Essentials you can now connect your Teamwork Projects installation with your Outlook client. Synchronize your milestones, due dates, calendar entries, and add tasks directly from your Outlook account. No more switching between screens or trying to coordinate appointments across two different calendars. With Teamwork Projects Essentials we bring you an Outlook Integration that brings Teamwork and Outlook a litle bit closer together.

Synchronize your Teamwork Projects calendar with Outlook.

Teamwork Project Essentials for Outlook now allows you to synchronize your Teamwork Projects calendar with Outlook and vice versa.
  • Appointments created in Outlook are automatically saved in your Teamwork Projects calendar.
  • Modify your due dates and milestones directly from your Outlook calendar.
  • Have all your appointments and due dates in one place.

Synchronize all your Tasks with Outlook.

Teamwork Project Essentials for Outlook now allows you to synchronize your Teamwork Projects tasks with Outlook and vice versa.
  • Tasks created in Teamwork Projects are added in Outlook and vice versa
  • Each project has it´s own task list in Outlook
  • Extend Outlook Tasks view with details from Teamwork like Project or Tasklist or Milestones
  • Create, Modify or complete Tasks directly in Outlook
  • Share your task with other people (requires Office 365 or Exchange)

Synchronize the People in Teamwork as Outlook Contacts

Teamwork Projects Essentials for Outlook now also synchronizes the People in Teamwork with Outlook´s Contacts
  • Add People as Contacts in Outlook
  • Sync Person and Company Details
  • Get People´s contacts in Office Online or on your Mobile (requires Exchange)

We still have more for you!

Our Outlook Integration for any Windows Based MS Outlook comes with
a small Dashboard. You can see recent activities of your colleaguesand also get some insights on your projects.
  • See your colleagues activities directly in Outlook
  • See your projects status
  • See your projects completion together with milestones
  • Add whole emails as tasks
  • Add Emails as Messages
Teamwork Dashboard

Teamwork Projects Essentials: Outlook
Pricing starts at only €4,99 !

1 Month

  • All features for 1 Month

3 Months

1299every 3rd month
  • All features for 3 Months
  • Save 13%


4999every 12th. month
  • All features 1 Year
  • Save up tp 23%

*All payments are due in advance., Payment is handled by our partner Digistore24

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